From pre-loaded content calendars to one-on-one consultations - KGD Films will help get your social media platforms, website, blog and SEO up to date with today's standards.  The amount of digital prep you can be doing to help your business grow is substantial but doable!


Price List

(references upon request)

social media content calendars


monthly subscription

CUSTOM social media content calendars


available for download 1 week after initial consult

must commit to 3 months


$50.00/hour, 1 hour minimum

come with questions!

creative brain dumps

$50.00/hour, 30 minute minimum

have a lot of ideas and you're unsure how to implement them strategically? 

needing a fresh set of eyes?

I'll organize your ideas into an actionable list

social media 101 meet ups

$50.00/hour, 1 hour minimum

ready to jump into the social media world but don't know what you're getting into?

we'll meet up and set up your pages correctly & go through what every little button does.

the 1 week sampler


I give you 7 posts you see if it makes a difference

available for purchase one time only.