"You Get One Body"

A little less than 2 years ago, Kelly Francini was asked to participate in a two-week “Feast to Fitness” competition hosted by the #NBCTodayShow. That's when Kelly met #TCC trainer Frank Azarelo he introduced her to a personal training regimen that included resistance training - something she had no experience doing! She ended up winning the competition with Frank’s help and decided to continue working to get stronger and healthier. Over a year later, she is still attending group fitness classes and working out on her own. I truly loved working with Kelly and Frank on this video. It's amazing what a healthy fitness routine and a supportive trainer can do to empower people looking for a change!

A video like this is a dream come true for a business owner. Kelly got to gush about all the things she loves about The Chatham Club - how it’s more than just a place to exercise, it’s a place to destress, to find a true community, and work towards achieving health goals. Kelly’s story is the kind of story that The Chatham Club and its trainers live for - not worrying about the weight or the number, but about shifting your mindset and making the lifestyle change!

To learn more about #TheChathamClub and its personal trainers, visit their website here.

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