You Think Your Workout Is Hard...

…check these guys out!

I always have such a great time teaming up with The Chatham Club in Chatham, NJ and showing off all of their amazing know-how and experience! This time was no different and I loved featuring Doug, Tim and these two amazing athletes!

This was one of those perfect-for-video projects –video is the BEST way we could effectively describe Sports Performance Training, show off the facilities and equipment, introduce the trainers, hear from current members using the training, and have it be concise and engaging. With video, we hear and see everything we need in less than two and a half minutes!

And on a much simpler level, video captures movement – workouts work well with video because they revolves around movement.

Thank you, as always, to everyone at The Chatham Club for their support – please go ahead and check out their website and if you’d like to see another example, click here!

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