Winter Wonderlands Really DO Exist!

On a snowy, December morning - I drove to New Hope, Pennsylvania to shoot the wedding of Kayley and Yianni. I have known Kayley....essentially since I was born? We grew up going to the same, tiny lake every summer in upstate New York! Shoutout to #Hatchlake! I was so honored to be asked to shoot their special day.

Kayley told me that Yianni had one wish for their wedding day (ahem...aside from living happily ever after together) - that wish was for SNOW! Boy, did that come true.

My favorite moment of the whole day was discovering acres and acres of flat, snow-covered land. We set out for the edge of the property and grabbed one of my favorite wedding shots of all time (see the video thumbnail, above). I think it really epitomizes the whole point of a wedding day. The two of you, together, forever a team!

Kayley + Yianni, I wish you all the happiness in your married life! Can't wait to see you BOTH at the Lake!

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