I Think We All Could Use A Course In Ethics Right About Now...

Maybe this is a good place to start ;)


Kent Place School is an all girls, private school in Summit, New Jersey. They house THE only Ethics Institute geared towards elementary-aged students in the COUNTRY. The founders of this Ethics Institute are passionate about teaching ethics at an early age. On top of teaching/doing ethics, they integrate it into the classroom on a regular basis. To reinforce this learning, they offer "Ethics 101" to parents, other educators and alumni so these conversations can happen outside the classroom as well.


"Ethics" isn't the most tangible word - so showing it via video was going to be tough. However, I wasn't prepared for the passion that came from the Ethics Institute's founders. They believe every word of what they preach. That passion carries the video and we focused on showing a glimpse of one "Ethics 101" course. Feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to get in touch with the Ethics Institute, or if you'd like to create a video demonstration of a class YOU teach!

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