These Guys Could Soon Be BFFL's with Bon Jovi...

...So keep your fingers crossed for them!


Justin, Kevin, Ralph and Max are a couple of fantastic New Jersey musicians who can play anything from jazz to pop to rock. Bon Jovi is having local bands apply to be his openers in every state for his shows this Spring. The contest has gone viral and thousands of people have entered! These guys are truly talented and we agreed it was definitely worth it to give the contest a shot! I wish them all the best! I call dibs on being their videographer when they take off for stardom.


This 'takeaway' is pretty videos are fun! They also legitimize your band! Whether you're a solo singer-songwriter or part of a 16 person chorus there are lots of fun videos ideas to explore. Plus, what a fun way to capture your musical talents to look back on in the future?

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