The Best Way To Spread Holiday Cheer...

Is Singing Loud For All To Hear!


I sat down with Willow St.'s creative director and we decided we needed to get one point across - Willow St. is like NO other boutique/clothing store ANYWHERE. As the old saying goes, "Don't say it, just DO it" - and that's what we did. Rather than mailers and emails telling you why they're so great, we showed it. I think this has a profound effect on the customer - they can visualize themselves as the actress/actor in the scene. Above all - nothing makes me happier than a holiday-themed video!


This was the first true "commercial" I've shot and I am really happy with the result! The landscape of "commercials" and video ads is changing drastically. It's all about making your ad not seem like an ad. Perfume companies saw this early on - their dramatic short films advertise the scent but also fill you with a sense of drama and allure along with a plot line. If you get a chance, check out H&M's holiday ad this year - a 5 minute short film shot by Wes Anderson. Whether you're a Wes fan or not, it comes across as cheerful, holiday-spirited & fun...and makes you want to shop at H&M somehow! Obviously the video above isn't a cinematic work of art like Anderson's, but the point is - rather than screaming 20% off at the top of your lungs- think about what makes your business special and that in the most creative way possible!

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