There is NO way she is 80!

I don't buy it!

THE VIDEO Elisa's granddaughter approached me about shooting her grandmother's 80th SURPRISE birthday party! I was initially a bit worried about an 80 year old woman walking into a huge surprise party with over 100 people in attendance but I soon learned that was silly. Elisa danced the night away, kissed and hugged longtime friends and was surrounded by every special person in her life--of course ALL in her favorite style...Kentucky Derby style! THE TAKEAWAY Elisa's 80th is a reminder of how special those moments are when you get a group together for a common cause and all is right in the world. Long lost friends promising to get back in touch, families that are spread out making the trek for 1 night and celebrating the matriarch of a special family. It may seem overboard or unnecessary to have a video of a birthday gala (I must admit that thought even crossed my mind), but watching this makes me realize how fun it will be for that family to have a sweet, little memory of a really special night 2, 5, 30 years down the road!

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