The Future of American Soccer...

...looks promising if these kids are taking the field!


I met Evren, the owner of Total Soccer and was blown away at the organization he has created during the last 15 years. Kids of all different age groups and abilities are able to play in a safe environment...together! My job is easy when the kids are MORE than willing to talk about their favorite part of going to Total Soccer. It's not something their parents drag them to - it's a place they look forward to spending time. As the girls say in the video... #TotalSoccerRules!


This is one of my favorite examples of using video to illustrate what your business does. Showing clients (or customers) ENJOYING their experience, looking forward to coming back and showing how knowledgable you are in your area of expertise is crucial. Your potential customer isn't going to get that from a pamphlet. If an image says 1000 words, then a video says 1,000,000.

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