Vermont? Is That You? Or Did I Fall Into A Pinterest Board?

I think it may have been a little bit of both...


I was beyond honored to shoot Abby and Murat's wedding in New Haven, VT. Abby is a Kenyon gal so I knew I'd love her when we met and Murat is a wonderful goof - born and raised in Turkey. Their wedding took place the day after the coup in Turkey a few months back - much of his family had flown over. The celebration that night took on a whole new meaning. Their love, the ambience and the mix of Turkish and American music and customs throughout the evening felt like pure hope, as lofty as that may sound. I loved every minute of their special day-turned-night and I hope to have a sunset like THAT for every wedding I shoot from now on!


Wedding videos are a tricky balance of staying hidden yet making sure to capture the moment. I don't want to ever block a family member's view JUST to get the shot. My goal is for no one to ever see me, if possible! While some people want a big, overproduced wedding film that looks like a movie (which is lovely! if you're into that) - I simply cannot offer that. I aim to mix that "home video" feel of the 90s with a modern music video style. If you think you know someone who might be interested in a video like that, have them get in touch! (

Enjoy! And to Murat and Abby: Tebrik ederiz!

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