OK, So maybe I'm a bit biased...

BUT, she's pretty awesome. My sister, that is!


Devin DeLaney, founder of Ifé Jewelry (based in Chicago, IL) has just launched a line of copper and wooden jewelry! We decided that there was no better way to advertise her pieces than by simply SHOWING her process. Devin's craftsmanship shines through and makes it easy to click the purchase button after watching.


Education is the answer! Every post, blog, video, what-have-you that you put out there should be education focused. EDUCATE your customer. They want to see how you make things, how your business runs, how much effort goes into each product you sell. They DON'T want to see a coupon for 20% off (well, at least not EVERY week). This type of video works best for businesses that sell/create/make visually pleasing items that are one-of-a-kind or labor intensive!

Take a second to watch and note the usage of sound in this video - how it can really add to the overall vibe of the video:

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