A Robot & A Plumber Walk Into A Bar...

...Wish I had a punchline for you!


I was honored to once again work with Jersey STEM on the first of a series of sponsor videos. These videos will allow the New Jersey STEM program to market themselves to other small businesses in the technical industries that might be willing to lend a hand. I was blown away at Jim Huettenmoser's (President, Stashluk) sincerity and true interest in helping with the underwater robotics class. A simple donation of PVC piping made that entire class possible- pretty incredible. A wonderful reminder that small donations can do big things. What's a better cause that helping young kids explore the world of technology? The nerd in me can't think of ANYTHING!


Promoting a charitable organization or non-profit that you work with closely can be just as effective (if not MORE) as promoting your own business. Jim's sincere interest in the organization and dedication to his local community shines through - much easier to do via video rather than a written PR release! As a plus, if you're being covered in a local paper for your charitable work, they'll LOVE that you have visual content to add as many local papers are hungry for video content.

Watch here:

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