Put Your Best Foot Forward

Starting a new season off with a fun + festive video is a great way to keep your customers engaged - especially if you are a boutique that sells AAAmazing shoes. I always have a great time working with the Willow St. ladies and to start Fall off right, we came up with a quick and easy video to get their customers excited about the Fall shoe collection. Take a look below! Videos like this are wonderful if you have inventory you want to show off, if you don't have time for a long shoot, and if your staff doesn't feel particularly excited about being on camera. We shot this video in under an hour and could complete it outside of the store's working hours. Still O B S E S S E D with this lo

Class in the Grass

This past spring, The Chatham Club (TCC) hosted its first #ClassInTheGrass to kick of the Fishawack Festival in Chatham. #TCCtrainer, Frank Azarelo, led the class and got everyone moving, sweating, and having fun! I've shot videos of Frank before for The Chatham Club and you can tell he was born to motivate and inspire people. Trainers like Frank always want to see their clients & trainees succeed - they will do whatever it takes to get you there, and that's inspiring to witness! Both images courtesy of Frank, follow him @fazarelofitness.tcc The Chatham Club is dedicated to individual, as well as, community wellness. By hosting group exercise classes, fun runs, nutrition demos, member ap

The f l e x i b i l i t y of video

About two years ago, I did a "Who We Are" video for an incredible consulting firm called TruEdge. TruEdge helps company leaders manage more effectively by focusing on the strengths of the individual and organizing the company to embrace change and complexity. I really enjoyed working with Mike & Cheryl and a few months ago, they reached out saying they added a new member to their firm and wanted to include her in their video. This is the first video I made for TruEdge back in 2017 Instead of make an entirely new video, we decided to work their new partner, Sandra, into the current video. This is a great way to keep you videos current, without wasting the time, money, and energy on shootin


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