Changing The Way We Think About Funeral Homes

I know, I know – it might seem kind of unusual to make video content for funeral homes, but I truly love what we did with this video series for Bradley Funeral Homes! We made a video for each of the five locations, and focused on the history of each building while also showing off the layout and design of the interior space. Scott Bradley, the owner and managing partner of the five locations, is not new to this business. His family has been providing funeral services to Northern New Jersey since 1943. He and his team continue to provide compassionate service and individualized attention to every client that walks through their door. I decided to feature the Summit location (Bradley, Brou

Pulling Weeds And Planting Seeds!

Meet Gardener Anna and Gardener Aidan! They are the hosts of the web series Hello Gardeners. This series stemmed off of the children’s book You Are A Gardener written by their mom and my good friend, Shanna Truffini. You Are A Gardener is all about using kid-friendly and fun vocabulary to talk through and solve everyday problems. Using "maintaining a garden" as the metaphor for maintaining a positive outlook on life, this book teaches kids to pull out the bad stuff, come up with a solution, and then watch a flower bloom from that solution. Amazing, right?? In this episode of Hello Gardeners, Anna and Aidan visit their friends at Pediatric Therapeutics. You might recognize that name beca


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