The King And Queen Of Surprises

I met Diana and Bryce at an annual, group "camping" trip (shoutout to the Crawstock gang)! I really enjoyed getting to know these two even more and am so honored they allowed me to shoot their wedding. Diana and Bryce were married at the Cork Factory Hotel in Lancaster, PA. It is beautiful mix between contemporary and industrial – a setting I don’t often get to shoot! This wedding was ALL about the details! Diana and Bryce loved surprising each other and their families. Bryce had each groomsman surprise Diana with a white rose throughout the morning – when they had their first look he gave her the final red rose! Diana surprised Bryce by wearing a pair of Jordans under her dress and wit

You Think Your Workout Is Hard...

…check these guys out! I always have such a great time teaming up with The Chatham Club in Chatham, NJ and showing off all of their amazing know-how and experience! This time was no different and I loved featuring Doug, Tim and these two amazing athletes! This was one of those perfect-for-video projects –video is the BEST way we could effectively describe Sports Performance Training, show off the facilities and equipment, introduce the trainers, hear from current members using the training, and have it be concise and engaging. With video, we hear and see everything we need in less than two and a half minutes! And on a much simpler level, video captures movement – workouts work well with vi

Helping Businesses Attract, Engage, And Retain Customers?

Sounds Swell! It’s not too often I get an excuse to travel up to Boston, so I was so excited to make this video for Swell and get to know their team. Swell helps businesses with their customer rewards programs - I'm sure you've seen these rewards programs or are a part of one yourself! I really enjoyed making this video because this company is so passionate and so knowledgeable, and it completely shows through in this video. This is also a perfect example of how video can quickly and effectively introduce your startup to the world. In less than two minutes, your customers know who you are and what you do. Posting a video like this on you “About Us” page is not only an efficient way to de

Something Old, Something New, Something Furry, and Something Villanova Blue

On the October 14th of last year, Lauren and Lee celebrated their special day with an extra special guest – Will D. Cat! Never thought I’d see the day where I got to meet THE Villanova Wildcat. I guess there’s a first time for everything – and I have to admit, I was a little star struck! Funny enough, I met Lauren playing tennis during the summers a while back, so not only was I excited to hear from her, but I was also excited to meet her future husband, Lee, and to shoot their wedding video! This wedding was so much fun – I mean, I was obviously there to work, but you can just feel the joy in this video. Everyone was so supportive of these two and man, do these folks know how to dance an


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