Shooting A Video in A Gym Counts As A Workout...

...Right? THE VIDEO In honor of some of the most common New Years Resolutions we hear, The Chatham Club and Willow St. Boutique collaborated on a video that celebrates them all! Getting in fit and changing up your style. We had a blast coming up with a concept that would inspire, entertain and interest local viewers who love these two local staples. We aimed to keep it short, sweet and simple at 1 minute and 15 seconds - without that brevity...we've lost your attention! THE TAKEAWAY This...THIS...THIS!!! is what I love to do. I have a very weird (but I think important) obsession with local business collaborations. I believe it is the key to keeping shopping in downtown, small-town America

London Baby, Yeah!

Happy New Year and Happy 2017 to each and every one of you! After being able to truly "unplug" in London, I am back, refreshed, ready and excited for what's ahead. And yes, I am aware that "unplugging" should include NOT using my camera...but I couldn't help myself. I hope you and your loved ones had as fantastic of a holiday/New Year week as we did.


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