The Best Way To Spread Holiday Cheer...

Is Singing Loud For All To Hear! THE VIDEO I sat down with Willow St.'s creative director and we decided we needed to get one point across - Willow St. is like NO other boutique/clothing store ANYWHERE. As the old saying goes, "Don't say it, just DO it" - and that's what we did. Rather than mailers and emails telling you why they're so great, we showed it. I think this has a profound effect on the customer - they can visualize themselves as the actress/actor in the scene. Above all - nothing makes me happier than a holiday-themed video! THE TAKEAWAY This was the first true "commercial" I've shot and I am really happy with the result! The landscape of "commercials" and video ads is changin

When it rains, it pours...

...LOVE! THE VIDEO Much longer than my usual wedding video, I was excited at the prospect of creating a 10 minute+ film at the request of the couple. Pulling in audio elements helped to elongate the film and the blurry, hazy backdrop of Nantucket didn't hurt either. I loved their nontraditional song choices for the video AND during their reception - it made for a one-of-a-kind evening and video! THE TAKEAWAY Although the rain slightly altered their wedding plans these two didn't blink for a second! You can tell in that screenshot above that they were all too invested in each other on their special day. Laura looked absolutely stunning in her off white, classic dress and Tyler quite dapper

The Future of American Soccer...

...looks promising if these kids are taking the field! THE VIDEO I met Evren, the owner of Total Soccer and was blown away at the organization he has created during the last 15 years. Kids of all different age groups and abilities are able to play in a safe environment...together! My job is easy when the kids are MORE than willing to talk about their favorite part of going to Total Soccer. It's not something their parents drag them to - it's a place they look forward to spending time. As the girls say in the video... #TotalSoccerRules! THE TAKEAWAY This is one of my favorite examples of using video to illustrate what your business does. Showing clients (or customers) ENJOYING their experi

There is NO way she is 80!

I don't buy it! THE VIDEO Elisa's granddaughter approached me about shooting her grandmother's 80th SURPRISE birthday party! I was initially a bit worried about an 80 year old woman walking into a huge surprise party with over 100 people in attendance but I soon learned that was silly. Elisa danced the night away, kissed and hugged longtime friends and was surrounded by every special person in her life--of course ALL in her favorite style...Kentucky Derby style! THE TAKEAWAY Elisa's 80th is a reminder of how special those moments are when you get a group together for a common cause and all is right in the world. Long lost friends promising to get back in touch, families that are spread


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