OK, So maybe I'm a bit biased...

BUT, she's pretty awesome. My sister, that is! THE VIDEO Devin DeLaney, founder of Ifé Jewelry (based in Chicago, IL) has just launched a line of copper and wooden jewelry! We decided that there was no better way to advertise her pieces than by simply SHOWING her process. Devin's craftsmanship shines through and makes it easy to click the purchase button after watching. THE TAKEAWAY Education is the answer! Every post, blog, video, what-have-you that you put out there should be education focused. EDUCATE your customer. They want to see how you make things, how your business runs, how much effort goes into each product you sell. They DON'T want to see a coupon for 20% off (well, at least not

Vermont? Is That You? Or Did I Fall Into A Pinterest Board?

I think it may have been a little bit of both... THE VIDEO I was beyond honored to shoot Abby and Murat's wedding in New Haven, VT. Abby is a Kenyon gal so I knew I'd love her when we met and Murat is a wonderful goof - born and raised in Turkey. Their wedding took place the day after the coup in Turkey a few months back - much of his family had flown over. The celebration that night took on a whole new meaning. Their love, the ambience and the mix of Turkish and American music and customs throughout the evening felt like pure hope, as lofty as that may sound. I loved every minute of their special day-turned-night and I hope to have a sunset like THAT for every wedding I shoot from now

A Robot & A Plumber Walk Into A Bar...

...Wish I had a punchline for you! THE VIDEO I was honored to once again work with Jersey STEM on the first of a series of sponsor videos. These videos will allow the New Jersey STEM program to market themselves to other small businesses in the technical industries that might be willing to lend a hand. I was blown away at Jim Huettenmoser's (President, Stashluk) sincerity and true interest in helping with the underwater robotics class. A simple donation of PVC piping made that entire class possible- pretty incredible. A wonderful reminder that small donations can do big things. What's a better cause that helping young kids explore the world of technology? The nerd in me can't think of


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